Lost Your Phone? Here’s How You Can Make Your Mobile Theft-Proof


Enter Passcode written on an iPhone screen

We know how it feels.  The five stages of grief all seem to land on you at once, when you lose your lifeline.  The horror is incandescent.  All that information.  All those contacts.  Your mobile wallet!

Losing your mobile isn’t just about data breaches any more.  It’s about losing money – taking a real hit.  That’s why we’re offering you these tips.  If you’ve lost your phone, here’s how you can make your mobile theft-proof, the next go ‘round.


Android and Apple have both built tracking features into their mobile devices.  These allow you to see where your device is, if you lose it.  While setting up your phone, the tracking facility is automatically brought on line as a default application.

With tracking in place, all you need to do is log on to the application’s online tracker by entering your mobile’s identification.  If your device is on and connected, you’ll be able to see exactly where it is.  If not, you’ll be able to see the last location.

Investing in an anti-virus app is also a great idea, as these offer tracking systems of their own.  Very useful if your device doesn’t include these as defaults.  You can also lock your phone from wherever you are using these applications.

Password protection.

A lot of us are downright cavalier about this one, until something goes wrong.  But the thing is that a password protects your information (especially that mobile wallet).  Without it, anyone who grabs your phone can get into your social media platforms and your email accounts, as they require no secondary ID.  By the way, neither does your mobile wallet.

Take a moment to protect your device with a password or PIN, as one of the first things you do when you get it.


But a password isn’t enough these days, with hackers lurking in the dark warrens of cyberspace.

Encryption uses information particular to your phone like its serial number, in concert with your password/PIN.  Unless your phone has been manufactured in the past year, you will probably need to achieve encryption manually.  Find security in your settings and then choose the encrypt option.

These simple steps will help safeguard the contents of your phone.  It’s easy to believe you’re not one of those people who’s capable of losing something as important as a mobile device, but take it from us.  It happens every day.  It happens to smart people, good people, nice people and organized people.  It just happens!

It would be nice to think that mobile devices don’t get lost, but that would be wishful thinking and we’d rather be prudent and share that prudence with you.  So, if you’ve lost your phone, here’s how you can make your mobile theft-proof with some very painless hacks that only take a moment to achieve.

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