Why Hiring a TEM Provider Is Better than Getting Telecom Software


We get it.  People are reluctant to outsource items like this.  They feel it’s better kept in house where existing IT resources can set up and administer the software.

But TEM software is notoriously complex and loading it onto the plate of your IT people can be burdensome.  Software isn’t a silver bullet.  It needs administration and maintenance by people who understand it.

This post, then, is about why hiring a TEM provider is better than getting telecom software.  Read on, as we make our excellent case!

Focused Expertise

With eyes trained to see waste and unnecessary service, a TEM provider brings you focused expertise.  They see with those trained eyes items your software might not catch.

They’ll notice things like excessive data usage in one department, with sparse or non-existent usage in another.  They’ll show you where you can save on your telecom expenses in your contract and in its terms and fulfillment.

A TEM provider will comb through your billings to find erroneous charges and duplicated items, too.

And what’s more, a TEM provider will be there when needed, giving you the support and answers TEM software is unable to.

IT People Are Expensive

We’re willing to bet your IT payroll is reasonably hefty.  That’s the high price of getting excellent talent on top of the digital transformation that grows your company.  That’s what you want them to be focused on.

You don’t want your IT professionals spending their valuable time reducing telecom expenses or maintaining software to do so.

It’ll Save You Money

Were you waiting to read these magic words?  We’re happy to oblige and happy to tell you that it’s 100% true.

A TEM provider like OpDecision is remunerated based on the cost savings we find in your contract, billings and our hidden knowledge of unpublished pricing, due to the time our team has spent working in the telecom industry.

While software may seem less costly on the surface, it needs to be maintained and that means human resources needed elsewhere or hiring someone else to manage it.

We stretch your human resources with expert support and advice that can save your company an average of 27% on telecom expenses.

Some of our clients have saved almost 50%.

Insights That Matter

Something TEM software can’t do is analyze your existing systems and reform them intelligently.  OpDecision doesn’t just look at what you spend on telecom.  We look at how you spend it and where.  We examine your reporting to ensure it’s effective and accountable.

We help you derive maximum value from telecom.

OpDecision – Changing the Game

OpDecision in the changing the game for companies seeking to apply tighter controls to telecom and wireless expenses.

Our leadership and team members come directly to us from the telecom industry, so we bring you key insider information.  We can not only save you money but revolutionize your telecom without so much as needing to change providers or equipment.

Magic?  Not at all.  Just the focused expertise of the industry insiders at OpDecision.

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