Constantly Expanding Wireless Phone Bills Require Constant Attention to Keep Them Under Control


Wireless phone bills are changeable beasts.  Your business is growing, which means this line item is growing with you and that can be tough to stay on top of.

In fact, constantly expanding wireless phone bills require constant attention to keep them under control.  Someone needs to keep a keen eye on those bills, because they can go hog wild in a heartbeat.

But does your company have the human resources for such an undertaking?  Maybe that’s the case, but your company’s goals need all hands on deck, so outsourcing this function to a wireless cost control expert is probably your best bet.

Tracking your costs is about a lot more than the phone bill.  While it’s important that this be monitored for errors and duplications, does your contract also need attention?  Is your vendor still compliant?  Have your needs changed since you arrived at your agreement with the vendor?  Are there redundant lines which need to be turned over?

There are so many factors involved in keeping wireless costs under control.  But with OpDecision, you’re getting insider expertise and professional relationships with people in the wireless industry who can make all the difference to containing your wireless spend.

Knowledge On Your Side

Because OpDecision’s leadership and teams come to your direct from the wireless industry, we bring you insider knowledge and experience you won’t find elsewhere.

We’ve maintained key relationships with vendors which gives us the leverage you need, when renegotiating contracts.  And because we’ve sat on both sides of the negotiating table, we know how the game is played and that’s a distinct strategic advantage.

With OpDecision, your company gets access to discounts you otherwise wouldn’t know about and unpublished pricing that shrinks your wireless costs.

While we’re doing all that, you keep your existing carriers, equipment and account representatives.  And here’s the kicker – you pay us when we’ve achieved the results we promise.

Because we respond at the lightning speed you need to succeed, we’re first out of the chute with everything new you want to know about – including pricing.

You’ll still be billed directly, but that bill you receive will shrink.  We save companies likes yours double-digits on their wireless costs, while eliminating charges for items like software.

Without cumbersome changes to make, you reduce your wireless spend.

And you don’t break a sweat.

We’re Here to Save You Money

Wireless cost reduction is OpDecision’s signature service, so we take a 360-degree perspective, approaching your wireless costs on several fronts.  Your bill is just one of them.

With eyes accustomed to finding anomalies in often convoluted billings, we get to the heart of matter, identifying double and erroneous entries, as well as “mystery” charges.  Then we take them up with the carrier and get the savings we promised you.

Your wireless billings are evolving.  Let OpDecision’s experts put their hands on the controls, reining in spending and getting your contract into line with your needs.

Let us provide the constant attention required to control your wireless spend.

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