What Is 5G and What Does It Mean for My Business?

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The next generation of wireless connectivity took a huge step toward being realized on July 14, 2016.  On that day, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted unanimously to lay the foundation for 5G technology.  That vote made the USA the first nation in the world to set aside high spectrum bandwidth for the express purpose of supporting fifth-generation connectivity.  It prompted FCC Chair, Tom Wheeler to remark, “This is a big day for our nation.”.

And he was right.  Laying the foundation for 5G means that the Internet of Things will finally be able to deliver on its promises.  Greatly enhanced connectivity for devices like wearables will come to fruition with the implementation of 5G.

You’re not the only entrepreneur asking the question in this post’s title.  All over the world, people like you are asking “What is 5G and what does it mean for my business?”

5G basics.

The technicalities of 5G could take an entire series of blog posts to explain adequately, so we’ll stick to the basics here.  The short answer is faster connection speed.  But that’s not the whole 5G story.  Devices of all kinds will be able to connect “direct to cloud” without the presence of an intermediary like wi-fi, or Blue Tooth.

This means users can be anywhere, anytime and find a connection.  Even if they’re in an underground bunker, 5G will be there.  The ramifications for businesses are obvious.  As we rely on our mobile devices more and more, connectivity is an issue many want to see resolved and 5G will do that.

5G technology will increase efficiency by enhancing access and streamlining operational management functions through the provision of high capacity bandwidth.  That means hundreds of people can be connected simultaneously in the same place, at the rate of 1 gigabyte per second for each of them.

The advent of 5G promises connections 40 times faster, as well as broader coverage (4 times the current levels) and a widening of the wireless spectrum circle to meet increasing demand.

So, what does that mean for my business?

It means your business can enjoy a new world of ultra-reliable communication, as 5G rolls out.  Currently, 5G is expected to be deployed in targeted urban centers by 2020, with widespread implementation forecast for 2025.

With the FCC’s landmark decision, the USA is poised to present businesses with a seismic shift in efficiency, reliability and operational ease.  Communications providers will invest tens or possibly hundreds of billions of dollars to ready themselves for this shift.  That means they’ll be looking for your business to recoup these enormous investments, as the wireless world evolves.

“What is 5G and what does it mean for my business?” Positive change.

5G is a positive enhancement of existing wireless connectivity, speed, access and efficiency.  That’s good news for your business.

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