5 Reasons to Use Mobile Expense Management


Managing your company mobile expenses is a full-time job.  There are so many things to take into consideration and so many details to wrangle.  When you’ve got a raft of mobile phones in the hands of key employees, sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with what’s going on.

Mobile expense management may sound like just one more thing to pay for, but if you’re not using it, you’re paying more than you should for your staff’s mobile devices.  Guaranteed.

Here are five reasons to use mobile expense management.  These are compelling reasons to consider leaving this crucial function to experts who know what they’re looking for.

1. Continual updates.

Let’s face it, the minutiae of who’s coming and going and which mobile devices are in whose hands can eat up a lot of valuable time.  Your people have better things to do.  Not that this function isn’t important, but your human resources can be put to more productive use.

Imagine having an outsourced mobile expense management service that would do all this for you.  Terminations mean recommissioning devices to incoming staff instead of allowing those lines to sit dormant.  Sometimes that falls between the cracks, without mobile expense management.  When you put the function in expert hands, the minutiae’s taken off your plate.

2. Cost reduction you can count on.

When you outsource mobile expense management, you’re buying expertise.  As your relationship with the provider moves along, your savings will snowball.

An outsourced mobile expense management provider will monitor invoices from vendors on an ongoing basis.  An expert solution with industry experience knows that your options are continually changing, as well as rates and potential discounts you should be taking advantage of.  Weekly, monthly and yearly, there are savings to be had.

3. ROI.

Companies who call on mobile expensive management routinely see well over 200% ROI on what they pay for the service.  With the savings you’ll realize due to the expertise offered by outsourced mobile expense management experts, your spending will decrease.   Within the first quarter, your outlay for the service will be budget neutral.

4. Insider knowledge.

OpDecision’s leadership has worked in the telecom industry at the highest levels.  We hire people from the telecom industry who are acquainted with unpublished pricing and specialty rates that can save you up to 45% on your mobile expenses.

That’s almost half and that’s material.

5. Incisive evaluation.

Your staff may well be able to comb through invoices to find double entries and other inconsistencies, but a provider like OpDecision can go much further than that.

A quality mobile expense management provider will be on the look out for savings constantly.

At OpDecision, we know all about fine print and where the savings for your company are hiding.  We’re ready with recommendations to help you save more money as the months go by and our insight into your corporate mobile expenses grows.

These are 5 reasons to use mobile expense management and they add up to one action – call OpDecision.  We’re insider experts who deliver.

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