Why 2017 Is a New Era of Networking

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All over the world, recent events have proven that networks continue to be vulnerable to cyber attacks.  Recently, one such attack affected 300K computers in 150 nations.  Many sectors were impacted, from financial to medical.

But now, Cisco has announced a next generation answer to the problem.  The current way of doing things is largely hardware-dependent and manually-driven.  That methodology will become a thing of the past, as Cisco introduces a software-driven system which is intuitive, with its own security built right in.

That’s why 2017 is a new era of networking.  IT departments will be able to segment off specific areas of their networks, creating a means of containing viral attacks and safeguarding other areas.

Network intuitive.

Announced only last month, Cisco’s network intuitive stands to change the game.  Speaking at Cisco Live Last Vegas on June 26, CEO Chuck Robbins stated that network intuitive is a “…new network for this new era powered by intent and informed by context.”.

Based on Cisco’s DNA (Digital Network Architecture), network intuitive builds in user intent, creating a relationship between you and the network in which trust is built up, translating as context that serves to inform the network, triggering an intuitive response.

Encrypted traffic analytics.

Resolving one of greatest challenges to network security, the encrypted traffic analytics feature of network intuitive is one of its most revolutionary advances.

Able to readily identify malware in traffic which is encrypted, the need to decrypt information is precluded.  This means the network is not exposed to a potential breach of privacy.

The encrypted traffic analytics employed by network intuitive are 99.995% effective, according to Robbins, who added that this amounted to “…threading the needle between privacy and security”.

Roll out.

Currently, Cisco’s networking revolution is in the field trial stage, with 75 entities participating, including WiPro and Accenture, to ensure that it’s ready to roll out.

This exciting innovation will change the face of network security, creating network environments which are pliable and context driven.  With security literally “baked in” to the software-driven system, Cisco is creating the ability for networks to respond rapidly to hostile incursions.

Hackers beware.

Until now, hackers have been able to encrypt attacks.  Due to network privacy concerns, this allows them to leapfrog security.  But with network intuitive’s unique encrypted traffic analytics, this will no longer be the case.  The implications are obvious and welcomed by all who require a network to do business, or provide services.

At OpDecision, we’re thrilled to witness the dawn of a whole new era in networking.  DNA will continue to evolve, bringing with that evolution increasing functionality and flexibility.

That’s why 2017 is a new era of networking:  Cisco is doing something nobody else has been able to do, by building on existing knowledge and responding to networking need with innovation that will change the game.

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